Over my 10+ years in Marketing, I have seen firsthand the variety of approaches businesses take to drive marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)

Most begin with SEO (takes too long, doesn’t yield immediate results), programmatic ads (costs too much) events (takes up too much time), PR (costs too much AND takes up too much time).

All of these tactics have their place in the grand marketing plan–but that comes later, once a business is already growing effectively.

So how do you achieve that initial growth?

In the most straightforward and cost-effective way possible–through cold outreach

Delivering your company message straight to the inbox of prospective customers is the most direct–and least costly–approach to scaling your business.

Cold outreach gets you ‘quick wins’ which you can use to expand into other marketing efforts

Of course, for cold outreach to work, it has to be properly planned and effectively executed.

I have spent my career learning how to do cold outreach the right way

I built and scaled a pair of B2B media companies on the back of cold outreach (one from scratch, the other was a 7-figure business that grew organically prior to my arrival–revenue tripled in less than three years thanks to cold outreach).

I have implemented the same strategy at a variety of B2B companies since (in Finance, Tech SaaS, FinTech, Professional Services), each time generating an impressive ROI.

Cold outreach works

When done right, it brings in more customers at lower acquisition costs than any other digital marketing channel

If you are managing a growth-stage company, it’s time you gave cold outreach a shot. My strategy has been tested and is proven effective. After 90 days, you will have a thriving cold outreach engine that is driving MQLs on a consistent basis.

You’ll have growth. You’ll have scalability. You’ll have more revenue. In short, you’ll have results.

I look forward to working with you,

John Freund
Founder and Managing Director