We don’t offer pre-packaged leads, or waste money spraying and praying with digital ads

We generate engaging first-party content, build and manage email campaigns, and grow top-of-funnel leads with digital ads

Our 3 Pillars of Effective Cold Outreach

Forget SEO

We develop topical and relevant thought leadership content that addresses customer pain points.

  • In-depth articles that explore key issues relating to customer needs
  • First-party data (surveys, statistics, customer interviews)
  • Success stories (testimonials, case studies)
  • Sales-optimized landing pages

If Content is King, Email is the Chariot

Email is the most effective way to deliver content to your audience.

4.24% of email marketing traffic will make a purchase, vs. just 2.49% for SERP traffic and .59% for social

85% of B2B marketers use some form of email marketing software

122% is the average ROI for email marketing – 4x the next highest digital marketing channel

Prospective customers need to see your brand an average of 9 times before engaging

LinkedIn is the leading platform for B2B advertising. Supplementing the cold outreach with LI ads for visibility will help boost engagement rates in the email campaigns.

Unlike spraying digital ads across the internet, LinkedIn advertising is targeted, and a nominal budget is required.

Our Process

Week 1

Strategy & Planning

We research your target market and ideal customer profiles, and provide a high-level customer acquisition strategy, including audience segmentation and list-building tactics.

Weeks 2-6

Content Creation

We generate high-quality, sales-oriented content that addresses audience pain points, including landing pages, thought leadership articles, case studies, first-party data, and digital ad campaigns.

Weeks 7-12

Campaign Management

We create engaging email copy, oversee the flow of campaigns and manage list hygiene.

Weeks 2-6

ESP Setup & Management

We provide a best-in-class ESP setup, including a verified IP warmup schedule, multi-account integration, and domain/IP reputation best practices.

Weeks 7-12

Analysis & Iteration

We continuously analyze campaign data and offer guidance for strategic pivots and double-downs.